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Project administration services


Project administration requires specific knowledge, which creates difficulties for the project promoter. By providing you with post-support administration services, we ensure that your project is implemented on time and as per the requirements set out in the support agreement.

We provide the following project administration services:

Preparing activity plans for the entire project implementation period;

Preparing schedules for submitting payment requests;

Preparing and coordinating the procurement plan with the institution administering the support;

Helping to implement public procurement procedures and participating in public procurement commission meetings;

Managing project finances or advising a project financier on project administration issues;

Preparing payment requests (interim and final) as per the established schedule;

Analysing so that the costs incurred by the client are recognised as eligible for funding;

Preparing texts and responses to the enquiries of the institution administering the support;

Helping publicise the project as per the established requirement;

Advising on other project administration issues: organising accounts and collecting project documentation;

Supervising project activity implementation and application compliance;

Helping the Client to clarify the discrepancies in the project indicators set by the Agency so that no sanctions are imposed on the project;

Representing the Client during Agency inspections;

Preparing interim and final reports during the project implementation period;

During the control period we prepare annual reports and other additional documents that must be submitted to the managing authority;. We help clarify the discrepancies in achieving the support project indicators and also coordinate the compromise position with the Agency.

Providing legal services during project administration. We prepare applications, claims and other documents for the institutions administering and managing the EU support, while representing our clients before these institutions (for example, re managing or administering institution decisions; re the lifting of sanctions).

After submitting the annual report and other additional documents the managing authority requires in the last year of the project control period, and in the absence of any comments, we deem the project administration services we provided to have been completed.

Contact us by email info@esparamoscentras.lt and we will help you effectively implement the EU-funded project.

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